• The Hybrid Models

    A combination of speed and cost-effectiveness

We were requested to transport multiple boxes from Taiwan to Mexico however the client expressed that while there was urgency, monetary concerns also had to be taken into consideration.  Using a combination of NFO and OBC services – the exact purpose of the hybrid model – a solution was tailored that met the required delivery deadline while respecting budgetary concerns.

Destination: Taiwan To Mexico

Transportation Process

  • 5:30pm
      Day 1

    5:30pm Day 1 - SHIPMENT COLLECTED

    Goods collected at origin

  • 7:00pm
      Day 1

    7:00pm Day 1 - MATERIAL TENDERED

    Shipment tendered and manifested as Express Cargo

  • 11:50pm
      Day 1

    11:50pm Day 1 - SHIPMENT DEPARTED

    Shipment departed Taiwan

  • 8:40pm
      Day 1

    8:40pm Day 1 - SHIPMENT ARRIVED

    Shipment arrived in USA

  • 9:30am
      Day 2

    9:30am Day 2 - SHIPMENT RECOVERED

    Shipment broken down by airline and recovered by the courier

  • 12:25pm
      Day 2

    12:25pm Day 2 - SHIPMENT DEPARTED

    Shipment departed with courier

  • 7:05pm
      Day 2

    7:05pm Day 2 - MATERIAL ARRIVED

    Courier on-hand in Mexico City

  • 11:50pm
      Day 2

    11:50pm Day 2 - MATERIAL DELIVERED

    Shipment handed to end user

Delivered in under 48 hours