• Next Flight Out - Express Cargo

Upon confirmation, a dedicated vehicle was utilized to collect the cargo and using a team of drivers, avoided the mandatory breaks required by law, delivering the shipment directly to Frankfurt Airport.  While in route, space was secured on the first available flight to Mexico City using the highest priority service.

Destination: France To Mexico

Express Cargo facilitates expedited breakdown and early release of cargo.

Transportation Process

  • 8:00pm
      Day 0

    8:00pm Day 0 - SHIPMENT COLLECTED

    After-hours collection per customer request

  • 6:00am
      Day 1

    6:00am Day 1 - MATERIAL DELIVERED

    Dedicated drive to tender goods first available opportunity at airline

  • 4:35pm
      Day 1

    4:35pm Day 1 - SHIPMENT MANIFESTED

    Manifested and confirmed on board at 4:35pm, 2 hours prior to departure

  • 6:35pm
      Day 1

    6:35pm Day 1 - FLIGHT DEPARTED

    While in transit, custom documentation is prepared to facilitate an expedited release

  • 11:45pm
      Day 1

    11:45pm Day 1 - FLIGHT ARRIVED

    Booked as Express Cargo for overnight breakdown

  • 9:00am
      Day 2

    9:00am Day 2 - SHIPMENT RELEASED

    Driver on-hand to recover

  • 10:20am
      Day 2

    10:20am Day 2 - SHIPMENT COLLECTED

    Recovered and OFD – Out for Delivery!

  • 12:30pm
      Day 2

    12:30pm Day 2 - MATERIAL DELIVERED

    Delivered and placed into production

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