• Urgent Delivery From Germany To The United States

Working with the supplier to understand commodity details and confirming that the goods were packaged in accordance with airline regulations, the shipment was then collected, transferred to a vetted member of our OBC staff, and then carried on-board the flight, physically handled and personally managed from start to finish.

Destination: Germany To USA

Monitoring weather, social, and political events, Easyflyers proactively engages with our clients to review all scenarios that may impact the itinerary and delivery time.

Transportation Process

  • 10:00pm
      Day 0

    10:00pm Day 0 - SHIPMENT COLLECTED

    Shipment collected (day 0) and delivered to our secured warehouse near FRA airport within the hour

  • 6:00am
      Day 1

    6:00am Day 1 - COURIER ARRIVED

    Our driver, already onsite, handed the shipment over to our Courier (day 1)

  • 7:00am
      Day 1

    7:00am Day 1 - CHECKED IN

    Courier checks in, confirming seat assignment and baggage limits

  • 10:00am
      Day 1

    10:00am Day 1 - FLIGHT DEPARTED

    Courier boards and departs on direct flight to IAH Houston International Airport.  In addition to the milestone updates being provided, live tracking on the flight is now made available

  • 2:35pm
      Day 1

    2:35pm Day 1 - FLIGHT ARRIVED

    While in transit and in cooperation with consignee’s broker, the customs entry number is posted

  • 3:50pm
      Day 1

    3:50pm Day 1 - CUSTOMS CLEARED

    Courier proceeds to the CBP office and upon clearance, proceeds immediately to exit the airport, meeting and transferring the shipment to an already waiting local delivery agent – shipment OFD at 3:50pm

  • 4:35pm
      Day 1

    4:35pm Day 1 - MATERIAL DELIVERED

    Shipment unloaded with confirmation of delivery and the Proof of Delivery (POD) provided to the client immediately thereafter  

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